Kubrick (feat. Jerry Shinefield)

from Saturday The 14th Part 3 by Trade Voorhees




If money ain't the goal
and it don't come then fuck it
thats a oxymoron
like onyx rocking with the muppets
you got PBS rhymes
and mines are more like Uncle Rukus
its rugged like RA is
that Crustified Dibs shit
that Brotha Lynch shit
that, that Season of the Siccness
let the piano man do his fucking business
back to the summary
Voorhees the bum emcee
who wicked with the Protools
but can't get the marketing
but damn its like this spark in him
he's a white dude who got skills
I wanna keep my fucking crib
so I'm trying to pay my bills yo
it ain't no Lark in him
a bit of Tony Stark in him
throw in a red cardigan
and some orange timbs
heartfelt like stethoscopes
I'm just hanging in there
could you come get the rope?
whores line up at the tanning beds
and I can't get no fucking bigger
than Dakota Fanning's head
scratch that replace it with
Peyton Manning's head
slim thugga yeah
I'm one hunna yeah
back when I was fucking these bitches
to the young gunnas you know
"can't stop won't stop, Rocafella records" cause
believe it or not this rap shit is all I got
and its time that's word to my watch
so I plot
dropping this hot shit
you know that shit you can't find inside Hot Topic, you know
in the section that's right next to the pop shit,
Not this

Jerry Shinefied:
This ain't no pop shit motherfucker,
this north side
walking through the north zombie mode off that motherfucking tre-duece
high life
ride by
(my life)
drive bys

with this music shit
I'm like Kubrick bitch
only four flicks in
making a "Killing"
and I don't mean money
my mind is on a million
rather a billion
bring the reel to reel in
north side of Vegas is the illest
it don't take a blind man to feel it
we the guerillas
we go getters
and won't quit until its finished
and even if its done
come back and kill it
let you know who the real is
Voorhees no filler
I eat rap tracks for dinner
city of sin born a sinner
the pick of the litter
with a wit about as funny
as "Schindler's list" is a picture
no fucking favors
like the Raiders
like the Lakers
in 1960
hype as tipsy
Mike and Tina and
Ike and Whitney
and I'm just tripping
off this high
I'm so fucking out of my mind
Close encounters of a
first second and third kind
Yeah this my third time
Yeah this my third time

Saturday the 14th


from Saturday The 14th Part 3, released December 14, 2013
Produced by Trade Voorhees ©2013


all rights reserved



Trade Voorhees Las Vegas, Nevada

Trade Voorhees, Michael Television. Musician. Rapper. Producer. Engineer.

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