Land of the Free

from Saturday The 14th Part 3 by Trade Voorhees




The land of the free ain't free no more
Every motherfucker trying to get the dough
Broke as a motherfucker check to check
Working like a slave 'til you meet your death
Menial life got a menial job
you're barely getting by 'cause you're always getting robbed
by the federal reserve, taking their tax
until there's a revolution to start taking back
what's ours
(what's ours?)

working for the man,
working for the man
gotta dayjob that I just don't understand
he want me to go to war
mister uncle sam
and wear his army fatigues and bleed for this country
and i'm thinking like "why do people gotta bleed in this country?"
bleed because they hungry
bleed in the streets over nothing
like what a ring, a chain,
or some fucking fame or some dope man?
or some bitch you used to poke
or some fucking hundred spokes
or some colors?
humans supposed to be brothers and sisters
gods and earths
the lies the truth
we living in a disguise
we lying in the booth
I'm living in the booth like it's nothing better to do
my lady mad at me 'cause this is all I do
I lock myself in a room, lock myself in a room
I'm going at it like an addict, but what the fuck would you do?

Repeat Chorus

we some sheep for real
just eat your meal
before you go to sleep
don't forget your pills
pharmaceuticals making a tril'
cigarette companies too
you use their products 'cause
thats what they want you to do
you were programmed just like a television
they needed mechanisms to get you to sit and listen
first they used the radio, effective with the children
now'adays its so easy to come up slipping
in someone else backyard and they're out tripping
not paying attention and (WHAM!)
catch some friction
and end up at the coroner
body bagged up with a "JOHN DOE"
tag on your toe and come up missing
no recognition, no recollection
they lock up your assets
and you lose your pention
family can't find you
broke and lonely
and fall apart slowly...
that's the "American Dream"

a fucking nightmare

Repeat Chorus


from Saturday The 14th Part 3, released December 14, 2013
Produced by Trade Voorhees ©2013


all rights reserved



Trade Voorhees Las Vegas, Nevada

Trade Voorhees, Michael Television. Musician. Rapper. Producer. Engineer.

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