Part 1:
I just got "Zombie" on bluray
and I got hot cheetos on my new J's
in L.A. on a Tuesday
gotta be back in Vegas by "noon-say"
might miss my flight but who could say
I can't
bitch I ain't
but I will if I wanna
but you know I ain't gonna

Bluray player
got coach 'cause it's cheaper
it's starting to get easier for me
to carry my reefer
on flight movie sucking dick
like always
and I'm trying to get a stewardess
to blow me in the hallway
like "Ooh Judy"
pretty face
with a huge booty
in my backpack going through movies
whole inside smell like doobies
I say it smells like Christmas
but some say
it smells like dookie
but thats my life
hope I don't get caught so I pray
before every flight

Part 2:
Riding in this rental
I for sure know I ain't pick it out
bumping my new shit in this bitch
and you know this shit is loud
ain't no subs up in this bitch
but this shit'll do
gotta hit this hotel
then hit this Dennys up for some food
'cause I'm hungry can't say I'm starving
because I ain't
art is the heart the children of the world
don't get to paint
I remember in first grade how life
was just so great
and now I look at the kids and all I see
is a bunch of hate
these thoughts run through my mind
as I'm driving 100 miles more
these hills I keep climbing
these roads that I explore
it's a triumph
a figure of speech
deep inside
its another lecture for myself
thats just how I like to write shit

Therapeutic, therapeutic
it's beauty
I don't know what to do with

My life,
is crazy
I don't know where I'm going
from here
from here

the road can't stop
it can't stop me
I know
I know
not what I know
not will destroy me
so I won't
it can't stop me
it can't stop me

Part 3:
I'm a Las Vegas legend
motherfucker I ain't lying
bitch check my resume
your jobs I ain't applying
you're dying
and I'm flying high in the sky
with the diamonds
you're probably realizing right about now
that I'm the flyest
hi it's
cool ain't the word
that's just absurd
jokes and jokes
you poked and woke up this nerd
who came around and fucked up the game
and came in like Ferguson
"explained it all"
now these rappers see I'm murking them
Bitch I'm calling all these "Clarissas" out
trying to be pretty bitches
open a book and
shut your motherfucking mouth
take that STD shit back to the clinic
and get a motherfucking dentist
it looks like you ain't seen that bitch
in a fucking minute
and I'm fucking finished
fucking bitches
you know you ain't fuckin with it.


from Saturday The 14th Part 3, released December 14, 2013
Produced by Trade Voorhees ©2013


all rights reserved



Trade Voorhees Las Vegas, Nevada

Trade Voorhees, Michael Television. Musician. Rapper. Producer. Engineer.

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