Television, Television
I'm back bitch
rap game looking way too relaxed bitch
its TV hoe
don't talk with no accent
but rap like the master of disguise
fuck you and your peoples
your partners your fucking guys
its not no quick endeavor
this rap shits a profession
I can make a beat doper
than your favorite beat maker
and kill that bitch
cause ain't no rapper fucking with me player
I'm the coolest of the motherfucking cool
been making music for so long
it still sounds new
fresh to death like I'm still on the pavement
everyone is talking all of this wave shit
okay bitch!
I'm just saying
wait 'til the tide turns
it's tsunami season, It's my turn
I'm a kill it
momma's head hanging in a closet
its the only thing I worship
Ahhhhh Shit!!

This that shit that shit that make you rewind that shit back
(Rewind that shit back!)

Rocking the mic
can I say hermaphrodite
my raps is tight
your raps is aiight ummm...
I'm rocking some team China AM 90s
kicks froze bitch you can't find these
I keep them grimey
Where's Waldo?
flow sick as shit
yet nobody get appalled though
TV should get an applause for it
they got a clause for it in their documents
you look lost Forrest
Boris Karloff
I'm a monster
Frankenstein's mind
bred from a doctor
so yeah I'm kinda off my rocker
got a lot of this shit from my papa
I'm cool as can motherfucking be
Mister V to the double O-R-H-E,
E-S like Koston 3's
I'm off the beat
but bitch i'm going for keeps

Repeat Chorus


from Saturday The 14th Part 3, released December 14, 2013
Produced by Trade Voorhees ©2013


all rights reserved



Trade Voorhees Las Vegas, Nevada

Trade Voorhees, Michael Television. Musician. Rapper. Producer. Engineer.

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