Saturday The 14th Part 3

by Trade Voorhees

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released December 14, 2013

Produced by Trade Voorhees unless otherwise noted on title credits.


all rights reserved



Trade Voorhees Las Vegas, Nevada

Trade Voorhees, Michael Television. Musician. Rapper. Producer. Engineer.


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Track Name: Saturday Night Fright At The Movies

Saturday nights I used to stay up and watch Count Cool Rider
watching scary movies on saturday nights it changed my life bruh
grew up watching black boxes trying to hide the shit
yeah its a pirate's life for me but ummm, that don't rhyme with shit
train of thought how high I could get I might just flip my entire shit
they say Trade can't do it, I prove it and move it like a gif
I'm a drop 14 then I'm a act like I don't exist
and pop up on every 14th of every month to kill your whole shit
Terrorize Las Vegas with verses cursing their saviors
or punishing teenagers for stealing and killing they wack behavior
Voorhees your neighbor
Crystal Lake up the way bruh
I'm kinda like Chupacabra
Loch Ness Monster
bitch I'm popular but
I'm not ummm, like Drake uhhh...well
Yeah, I'm white but you see I'm a lot more darker,
(Laughs) Uh,uh,uh bruh,

Welcome back bitch...
Track Name: Fulci Flow

To all the rappers I played this beat for in the studio that was like
"yo I wanna cop this shit"
Sorry, but this beat is way too retarded
and I made this motherfucker so like
rocking the world with my fascination with dumb shit,
and how I write my words and make your favorite rappers dub it like
"Seven Doors Of Death"
ain't saying the shit on time
line after line
and its always someone elses rhymes
its ok you lost your identity
and obviously lost your mind
John F. Kennedy
that was a metaphor
hope Pepsi still love me
"cause all I wanted was a Pepsi, just one Pepsi
and she wouldn't give it to me so I KILLED THAT HOE BRUH!"
and now I'm in the pen' for life over a soda

Suicidal fucking Tendencies
fuck "Six Degrees of Separation"
I need ten degrees
my OCD was created by games of Centipede
and carpel tunnel syndrome is just make believe
when I watch "I Spit on Your Grave"
I skip the raping scenes
but watch them kill the turtle in "Cannibal Holocaust"
like it ain't a thing,
oh shit, this shit's too ill,
I'm a just chill and let this motherfucker build.....
for real.

You could write some rhymes to this shit
still ain't as tight as mine
and I'm a rap all over this bitch
so you can't write none
and even if you email or text me
all of your tightest rhymes
I'm a send a reply back like
"Yeah, cool, aiiight son"

So its cool that you got a flow and all that
but all of your riggidy rhymes is wiggidy wack
and thats a fact jack
like for real, premium gas
AKA put a foot in your ass
see its the same Voorhees from the beginning
listen to Iron Maiden
never wished to be famous
I wished to be the greatest
already am, hope that never changes
bitch it never will
til I'm lying on the pavement
or up inside my grave bitch
you know what the fuck I'm saying so
What am I saying???
Track Name: Saturday Is Back (That's The Man)

Saturday is back
I said Saturday is back
Saturday is back
Yeah, I said Saturday is back bitch!

Yup They Scream
(That's The Man)
To fuck up the game I got the masterplan
Yup They Scream
(That's The Man)
I'll crush the whole world in the palm of my hand, DAMN!
They Scream
(That's The Man)
A villianous creature from a double feature
that'll eat ya death in the form of the grim reaper
better hold on to your trapper keeper

Voorhees back atcha
A star from afar
I'll hack ya
Billy Batts ya
Jimmy couldn't stop me
I'm Tommy
"Muddafucka you"
What the fuck and who?
got film culture pumping through my veins
I'm what the TV made me man
Blame all the violence on Viacom
they made me buy a bomb
and blow up like Chief Keef
off some shit "I Don't Like"
I ain't saying its wack
thats the name of the track right?
Ya'll know I ain't that white
mines a Kenwood, whats your stereotype?
I couldn't give a fuck less
but guess

Repeat Chorus

bumping "Gz Up Hoez Down"
in that '93 850
thats the same year "Doggystyle" dropped
so I owe it to my pops
couple crackers
listening to crazy bay area rappers like
Spice 1, Dre Dog and Brotha Lynch
Eating intestines and shit,
"Rest In Piss"
Homage to Death Row, thats what I grew up with
but I'm smart enough to know I ain't gon' do no dumb shit
half these new rappers is unreal
the other half is real
and half of those already have a deal
I write a rap like I just wrote a 'script (perscription)
if you can't handle my shit then lighten up you bitch
I'm just a normal dude rapping on this mic and shit
and I made this fucking beat so I own this whole shit
so play me motherfucker

Repeat Chorus

Saturday is back (x5)
Yeah, Saturday is back
Yeah, Saturday is back
Yeah, I said Saturday is back bitch!
Track Name: Videodrome

Television, Television
I'm back bitch
rap game looking way too relaxed bitch
its TV hoe
don't talk with no accent
but rap like the master of disguise
fuck you and your peoples
your partners your fucking guys
its not no quick endeavor
this rap shits a profession
I can make a beat doper
than your favorite beat maker
and kill that bitch
cause ain't no rapper fucking with me player
I'm the coolest of the motherfucking cool
been making music for so long
it still sounds new
fresh to death like I'm still on the pavement
everyone is talking all of this wave shit
okay bitch!
I'm just saying
wait 'til the tide turns
it's tsunami season, It's my turn
I'm a kill it
momma's head hanging in a closet
its the only thing I worship
Ahhhhh Shit!!

This that shit that shit that make you rewind that shit back
(Rewind that shit back!)

Rocking the mic
can I say hermaphrodite
my raps is tight
your raps is aiight ummm...
I'm rocking some team China AM 90s
kicks froze bitch you can't find these
I keep them grimey
Where's Waldo?
flow sick as shit
yet nobody get appalled though
TV should get an applause for it
they got a clause for it in their documents
you look lost Forrest
Boris Karloff
I'm a monster
Frankenstein's mind
bred from a doctor
so yeah I'm kinda off my rocker
got a lot of this shit from my papa
I'm cool as can motherfucking be
Mister V to the double O-R-H-E,
E-S like Koston 3's
I'm off the beat
but bitch i'm going for keeps

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Song High

I roll in the club
with a blunt
in my ear and they don't give a fuck
and as soon as I get up on stage
I go and light that shit up

Pass That Dutch!

Its actually a white owl
le trees is quite loud
you can smell it from across the room
We got the shit in volumes...
Girl scout cookies
pass that shit back hoe
you hit it like a rookie
you gon' fuck around and just throw up
I carry water all the time
thats how you grow up
I gotta stay hydrated
Call me Reefer Sutherland stay hiiiiiiigh,
I made it,
Hi, I'm Trade and I'm the greatest

Hey Bitch!

That's how you write a song high (x2)
That's how you write a song high (x2)
that's how you write a song...

I know the police mad
since I was a young lad
living with dad
at his pad
they tried to make an example
of my white ass
why you might ask?
shit I don't know
wish I did
I survived some crazy shit
yes I did
so fuck the police
I could save myself
when little kids get shot up
where the police to help
they say protect and serve
but look at the number of folks protected
and it sounds absurd
four kids get shot on a school bus
and the first one on the scene is a motherfucking news truck
speculating on who done it
motherfuckers mad cause I keep it one hundred
the switch of the subject was cunning
spit about that real shit
to keep your minds running

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Bitches (feat. Adult Education)
lyrics not available yet.
Track Name: The Strip (feat. Aquil Jamal)
lyrics not available yet.
Track Name: Kubrick (feat. Jerry Shinefield)

If money ain't the goal
and it don't come then fuck it
thats a oxymoron
like onyx rocking with the muppets
you got PBS rhymes
and mines are more like Uncle Rukus
its rugged like RA is
that Crustified Dibs shit
that Brotha Lynch shit
that, that Season of the Siccness
let the piano man do his fucking business
back to the summary
Voorhees the bum emcee
who wicked with the Protools
but can't get the marketing
but damn its like this spark in him
he's a white dude who got skills
I wanna keep my fucking crib
so I'm trying to pay my bills yo
it ain't no Lark in him
a bit of Tony Stark in him
throw in a red cardigan
and some orange timbs
heartfelt like stethoscopes
I'm just hanging in there
could you come get the rope?
whores line up at the tanning beds
and I can't get no fucking bigger
than Dakota Fanning's head
scratch that replace it with
Peyton Manning's head
slim thugga yeah
I'm one hunna yeah
back when I was fucking these bitches
to the young gunnas you know
"can't stop won't stop, Rocafella records" cause
believe it or not this rap shit is all I got
and its time that's word to my watch
so I plot
dropping this hot shit
you know that shit you can't find inside Hot Topic, you know
in the section that's right next to the pop shit,
Not this

Jerry Shinefied:
This ain't no pop shit motherfucker,
this north side
walking through the north zombie mode off that motherfucking tre-duece
high life
ride by
(my life)
drive bys

with this music shit
I'm like Kubrick bitch
only four flicks in
making a "Killing"
and I don't mean money
my mind is on a million
rather a billion
bring the reel to reel in
north side of Vegas is the illest
it don't take a blind man to feel it
we the guerillas
we go getters
and won't quit until its finished
and even if its done
come back and kill it
let you know who the real is
Voorhees no filler
I eat rap tracks for dinner
city of sin born a sinner
the pick of the litter
with a wit about as funny
as "Schindler's list" is a picture
no fucking favors
like the Raiders
like the Lakers
in 1960
hype as tipsy
Mike and Tina and
Ike and Whitney
and I'm just tripping
off this high
I'm so fucking out of my mind
Close encounters of a
first second and third kind
Yeah this my third time
Yeah this my third time

Saturday the 14th
Track Name: Land of the Free

The land of the free ain't free no more
Every motherfucker trying to get the dough
Broke as a motherfucker check to check
Working like a slave 'til you meet your death
Menial life got a menial job
you're barely getting by 'cause you're always getting robbed
by the federal reserve, taking their tax
until there's a revolution to start taking back
what's ours
(what's ours?)

working for the man,
working for the man
gotta dayjob that I just don't understand
he want me to go to war
mister uncle sam
and wear his army fatigues and bleed for this country
and i'm thinking like "why do people gotta bleed in this country?"
bleed because they hungry
bleed in the streets over nothing
like what a ring, a chain,
or some fucking fame or some dope man?
or some bitch you used to poke
or some fucking hundred spokes
or some colors?
humans supposed to be brothers and sisters
gods and earths
the lies the truth
we living in a disguise
we lying in the booth
I'm living in the booth like it's nothing better to do
my lady mad at me 'cause this is all I do
I lock myself in a room, lock myself in a room
I'm going at it like an addict, but what the fuck would you do?

Repeat Chorus

we some sheep for real
just eat your meal
before you go to sleep
don't forget your pills
pharmaceuticals making a tril'
cigarette companies too
you use their products 'cause
thats what they want you to do
you were programmed just like a television
they needed mechanisms to get you to sit and listen
first they used the radio, effective with the children
now'adays its so easy to come up slipping
in someone else backyard and they're out tripping
not paying attention and (WHAM!)
catch some friction
and end up at the coroner
body bagged up with a "JOHN DOE"
tag on your toe and come up missing
no recognition, no recollection
they lock up your assets
and you lose your pention
family can't find you
broke and lonely
and fall apart slowly...
that's the "American Dream"

a fucking nightmare

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: 95 (Produced by Blair Norf)

562 area code but you could catch me in Vegas
hop in the whip, and roll to the strip
windows down bumping "We Gon' Make It"
its cool
yeah its cool
(repeat 2x)

I'm just riding round
that 95
in my '95
and I'm cruising
off a couple them blunts
bitch I'm slumped
turn up my music
hoping I don't lose it
gas tank
on half a tank
and I'm moving
don't know
when I plan to stop
bitch I'm just cruising

I might roll up to speaker's spot
might roll up another blunt
talking all of that shit about blunt wraps
bitch I know you gonna hit this once
don't listen to them rappers girl
'cause they front
I know them other rappers hating baby
'cause they suck

soundscan could suck my dick
hit the internet for TV's greatest hits
'cause I
got a lot of them
fans is steady spotting him
up at Knott's Berry
I'm not scary

But clearly
I love Halloween and horror flicks
no, I'm no freak show
and no, I'm not gonna kill my chick
so can you quit with all the asenine questions
ideas, and suggestions
God, I'll send my blessings...

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: G.S.C.M.

Great Summer Cruise Music
(repeat 2x)

In my homie's '98 Pontiac cruising,
red like "Christine"
paint still pristine
homie got the rims on it too bitch
don't get it screwed bitch
this is real shit
yo I thought you knew it
I ain't like the environment that I grew in
shit got better
but my childhood was stupid
remembering the whip Gee used to take us to school in
steering column open on a '94 Buick
I ain't gotta lie
and I ain't gotta prove shit
like what the fuck I got to lie for
I'm a square ass fucking white boy
who really don't do shit
some shit I been involved in
yeah, it was stupid
but bitch I got through it singing

Repeat Chorus
Track Name: Enjoy The Show

Part 1:
Just enjoy the show
if you don't then
Get The Fuck Out!

Part 2:
I don't want you standing out
in the crowd at none of my shows
acting too cool for these hoes
why you standing in the front row
you ain't joogin with the fans
hope they beat your ass where you stand
on some mosh pit (MOSH PIT!)
like yeah, we here to start shit like
3,2,1 and go
now jump around like you crumping
but bitch you better do something
sing along to your favorite songs
or just wave your hands 'til your arms get numb
bitch go dumb
and rep where you from like

Just enjoy the show
if you don't then
Get The Fuck Out!

I don't want you standing out
in the crowd at none of my shows
acting too cool for these hoes
why you standing in the front row
you ain't joogin with the fans
hope they beat your ass where you stand
on some mosh pit (MOSH PIT!)
like yeah, we here to start shit like
3,2,1 and go
now jump around like you crumping
but bitch you better do something
sing along to your favorite songs
or just wave your hands 'til your arms get numb
bitch go dumb
and rep where you from like

Just enjoy the show
if you don't then
Get The Fuck Out!

Ellacopter shit
Ellacopter shit
Fuck Y'all!
Track Name: Dirt
lyrics not available yet.
Track Name: Paradise Lost

Part 1:
I just got "Zombie" on bluray
and I got hot cheetos on my new J's
in L.A. on a Tuesday
gotta be back in Vegas by "noon-say"
might miss my flight but who could say
I can't
bitch I ain't
but I will if I wanna
but you know I ain't gonna

Bluray player
got coach 'cause it's cheaper
it's starting to get easier for me
to carry my reefer
on flight movie sucking dick
like always
and I'm trying to get a stewardess
to blow me in the hallway
like "Ooh Judy"
pretty face
with a huge booty
in my backpack going through movies
whole inside smell like doobies
I say it smells like Christmas
but some say
it smells like dookie
but thats my life
hope I don't get caught so I pray
before every flight

Part 2:
Riding in this rental
I for sure know I ain't pick it out
bumping my new shit in this bitch
and you know this shit is loud
ain't no subs up in this bitch
but this shit'll do
gotta hit this hotel
then hit this Dennys up for some food
'cause I'm hungry can't say I'm starving
because I ain't
art is the heart the children of the world
don't get to paint
I remember in first grade how life
was just so great
and now I look at the kids and all I see
is a bunch of hate
these thoughts run through my mind
as I'm driving 100 miles more
these hills I keep climbing
these roads that I explore
it's a triumph
a figure of speech
deep inside
its another lecture for myself
thats just how I like to write shit

Therapeutic, therapeutic
it's beauty
I don't know what to do with

My life,
is crazy
I don't know where I'm going
from here
from here

the road can't stop
it can't stop me
I know
I know
not what I know
not will destroy me
so I won't
it can't stop me
it can't stop me

Part 3:
I'm a Las Vegas legend
motherfucker I ain't lying
bitch check my resume
your jobs I ain't applying
you're dying
and I'm flying high in the sky
with the diamonds
you're probably realizing right about now
that I'm the flyest
hi it's
cool ain't the word
that's just absurd
jokes and jokes
you poked and woke up this nerd
who came around and fucked up the game
and came in like Ferguson
"explained it all"
now these rappers see I'm murking them
Bitch I'm calling all these "Clarissas" out
trying to be pretty bitches
open a book and
shut your motherfucking mouth
take that STD shit back to the clinic
and get a motherfucking dentist
it looks like you ain't seen that bitch
in a fucking minute
and I'm fucking finished
fucking bitches
you know you ain't fuckin with it.